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gift vouchers - Christmas promo special

Gift Voucher for Minx Makeup and Spray tanning

I have had loads of people asking me lately about gift vouchers and the answer is YES… I can design and organize printing for you. Gift vouchers are great, who doesn't love receiving a gift voucher??… and who doesn't like buying one??.. it takes the guess work out, and saves time! And did you know that gift vouches can improve cash flow… as most people that use a gift voucher spend more than the actual value of the voucher. :) WIN WIN I say!

I will lovingly design you a very snazzy gift voucher that matches your current branding, they will be DL size card so they fit nicely into an standard DL envelope, I will organise them to be professionally printed, all for the very special price of $395, including delivery by a very good looking postman*.

HURRY HURRY… Get them before Christmas, perfect as corporate gifts, start promoting them now!

*cannot actually guarantee good looking postman, and envelopes not included.
*optional extras, numbering and perforating. 

Order your gift voucher DEAL now for only $395

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