my Social Media love/hate affair.

If you are like me you probably feel a bit overwhelmed with social media choices, or you just have no idea what is for what. I hate missing out on things so I feel I needed to be on EVERYTHING… but that just makes thing worse and I panic in the middle of the night thinking OMG I haven’t tweeted to my twitter in ages.

Well, I will tell you what I like and what works for me and my business…

I will start with my favorite Facebook. It’s my favorite probably because I know my way around, and it feels comfortable. And I guess I have a bit of affection with Facebook because 4 years ago when I first decided to go out on my own, I did it all through Facebook. (Before things took off and I needed a website) So anyway, I love Facebook for my business because it feels relaxed, my likers are like my friends and I really feel like I can tell them anything.  (ahhh!!)

Ok, next favorite is for sure Instagram! LOVE it love it! Maybe its because I’m such a visual person, who know? In saying that I have never actually had any business leads from it, but it is fun!

Next up is Twitter… Well Twitter and me never really took off, we have a bit of a lukewarm relationship and to be honest, I don’t really get it!! I’m not sure if I have had any work leads from it, in fact I’m thinking of breaking up with it for good.

Next is LinkedIn, now this one is interesting. It’s feels a bit like Facebook, but for grownups… It makes me feel like a kid that is not quite ready for the adult table at Christmas time. Awkward!!! It feels like everyone is showing off and using way too many big words. Just keep it real peeps! Relax! But in saying that I have actually had a few great jobs leads and some great clients out of it, you can join local groups and network that way. I don’t really give it as much attention as I should but I’m trying… Maybe I need to grow up a bit yet. ;)

Google+ … well, I’ve got nothing! I have an account that I have looked at maybe twice. We have no relationship! But I think I would like to get to know if better and I would really like to hear some positive reviews on the Google+ front.

Pinterest: I love it but I only really use that for inspiration and probably don’t give it the attention it deserves. #oneday

Anyway, I would to hear what works for you and your business? Is there something I have missed? (Remember I hate missing out) Tell me about your social media love affair. What’s your fav??