CWB - business woman of the year.

Well, its finally happened, just in the nick of time (cut off was tonight) I finally put in my application to enter the Canberra Women in Business Awards for the category of Business woman of the year. This was actually a huge thing for me, I know if doesn't really seem much and it probably seems weird me blogging about it, but it's a huge deal for me. It would of been easier if I didn't apply because then I wouldn't win and to be perfectly honest I am more scared shitless of winning than I am if i don't (at least I won't have to go on stage and actually say something).

Im really proud of my application, its honest and straight from my heart, I took the time to really think about my business and where I wanted it to go in the next few years, and things that I think I need to work on.

So tonight I'm actually celebrating the fact that I entered, sometimes its good to step out side your comfort zone and just go for it! 

Win or not, its a win for me anyway. :)