Don't let your ego get in the way of your brand.

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Consider your target market very carefully. I have heard people say to me in the past that THEY love THEIR logo, but THEY are not THEIR target market and their business has suffered because of this.


When defining your target market you should consider: 

  • your current customer base and past customers
  • check out what your competition is doing - who are their customers? Sometimes its easier to look at your competition and figure out who they are marketing and who have they missed? 
  • think about their demographic, age, location, gender.
  • What about their personality? values? and interest?
  • It may even help to create a persona for your target market, give him or her a name, this will keep you on track and focused. 
  • and remember that YOU are not necessarily your own target market. 

These are the types of questions I will ask before I design your logo and really get a good understanding of your market and its objectives because what I truly want for you is: a brand that offers you the opportunity to enjoy effortless success while making a profound impact on the people who matter the most. Your customers. And I can help you do just that.

A logo could make or break your business. Please don't leave it to an amateur.