How to keep your branding consistent. - Consistency is key!

The biggest mistake some business' make is not being consistent. Being consistent can come in loads of different forms. From keeping your pricing consistent to keeping your branding consistent. I know a lot about branding so this post is going to focus on branding consistency!

If you have had a logo designed by me I would have provided you with a style guide. Any awesome graphic designer should have given you something like this. Your style guide is used to keep your branding consistent. Little things like facebook ads and supporting images you should (if you have time) be able to do yourself. The style guide usually includes the colour breakdowns for your website and other branding. Also a suggested supporting font, that goes well with your logo and branding.

Example of a style guide.

Example of a style guide.

I know fonts are awesome and I know, there are so many choices. BUT DONT DO IT! You already have your awesome logo, that should be the star of your branding! By using a "hey look at me" font you are taking the attention from your logo and confusing the message. I like to use 2 maybe 3 max that complement not compete with your logo. And it would usually be from the same font family. Like a regular and a bold or a regular and italic or all 3. Check out Open Sans to see what I mean about a font families (its also referred to as styles). By sticking to the one font family you are guaranteed to look professional. Avoid using anything too light because it will be difficult to read if its going to be printed.

It's really easy to look super "profesh"!

Ok, so I'm going to give you a few tips to make sure you always look professional. Like I said before, a lot of the small things like facebook ads etc you can (if you have the time) do yourself in some awesome online programs such as Canva or my favourite Adobe Spark. If not, you know I'm always happy to help. :)



Don't pick 6 different fonts and 20 different colours, because you think they look good. Choose 3 colours from your logo and stick to them... If you don't have a style guide and you are not sure what colours are in your logo, there is a great tool you can use for that called: Pick Pick (mac) there are plenty of others, but I like that one. It gives me the breakdowns of the colours in CMYK, RGB and the hex codes.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 2.30.47 pm.png

If consistency is your pain point and you are just not sure how to keep your business branding consisting. I'm happy to help. Click below to go directly to my private calendar and book in a time for a chat. 

*Disclaimer: I'm a great graphic designer, not a copywriter - spelling and grammar is not my thing. See this post for what it is...An extremely passionate graphic designer, that wants to share her knowledge with you (possibly with a couple of spelling mistakes)!