Celebrating 9 years.

My honest recount of starting a business without any clues

This was my first logo Donnas Creations…seemed fitting at the time.

This was my first logo Donnas Creations…seemed fitting at the time.

9 years ago I decided to start my own business. In hindsight was a crazy thing to do! I had 2 little boys 3 and 1 and was expecting my 3rd in a couple of months time. 

To be perfectly honest I didn’t really take it seriously at the time, it was just something for me to do while I had babies. I always planned on going back to the workforce it was my way to stay current as a graphic designer - that was my biggest fear! Technology in the design and graphics world changes so quickly I know I would have found it really difficult to reenter the workforce after having time off to have children. Mothers guilt was huge… Not to mention trying to balance a 5 person family (3 under 4).

It was around the time that Facebook had just started to explode, it made the world a much smaller place, I could easily reach clients all over Australia and overseas, real clients that wanted my help creating flyers designs and a few logos. It started out small but then those clients recommended me to their friends or people they knew and before I know it I was busy, like really busy! I worked when I could… usually, after the kids had gone to bed or on the weekends when my hubby was home. I was stressed, I was exhausted! My business was running me! It was around this time I decided to rebrand myself, I decided I really wanted to focus more on branding and logo design for small serious business (like mine). I reassessed my pricing structure stopped working weekends/evenings and my business started to work for me. I only work for clients that I want to work with and that have similar values to me.

Now after 9 amazing years I can honestly say it the best and the most challenging thing I have ever done. And I pretty sure I can proudly say that I run a successful graphic design business! It's taken me a while but I do now consider it a serious business and never a hobby! 

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, most of them are still clients to this day. I love it when a past client gets in touch and wants to rebrand and thought of me or say "hey do you remember me?".... of course, I remember each and every client I have ever worked with and grateful and excited when they want to work with me again. 

Thank you to every single one of you. XX




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