My logo design creative process.

I often get complemented on my process so I though I would share it with you so you can see how special it really is. Its taken me a few years to perfect and Im quite proud of it.

Step 1 - Initial contact.

When it comes to money, I don’t like surprises, so Im very clear upfront how much your investment is, I do this is the form of a proposal that explains my fees and terms and makes everything really clear before we even start work on your new branding.

Step 2 - the design brief.

This is the fun bit, I give clients a compressive questionnaire to fill out that asked lots of relevant questions. Like who your target audience is? and a little bit about your business? I will also ask about what kind of logos appeal to them and the most important question…what they don’t like! I can get more info out of that one question than any other. At this point you will also have a option to book in for a zoom meeting (or phone).

Step 3 - research and development.

This is when I sit down with a cuppa and go through your answers, usually with my iPad so I can sketch up ideas as I go. I will also research your business competitors and your target audience to see whats trending and how to stay fresh with in your industry. At this point I will usually want to have a quick chat with you so we can discuss your answers and answer any questions that may not have been clear.

Step 4 - iPad to computer

Once I feel like I have everything I need, I will revisit the sketches I did while I was on the phone to you. I will transfer them to the computer… this is my favourite bit. I LOVE seeing them come to life. I will usually have a few ideas, some will work and others wont. The trick is knowing what works and that takes experience.


Step 5 - does it fit the brief?

Once Im happy about 2 of the designs (This is the important bit I never have a favourite). I always ask myself these questions:

  1. Does this logo fit the brief?

  2. Would I be happy if you chose either of these logos?

  3. Would I put it in my portfolio?

If the answer is No to any of these questions I will start again! I'll never present a concept that I’m not happy with.

Step 6 - presentation

The presentation is were things really get exciting. I use the logo concepts Ive created for you and mock them up into real life situations for you. So you can see how your logo concept will look on business cards or on the side of a car. This really helps to make your decision easier and usually minimalists any changes. I'll include a rational of why I have designed what I have and why I have chosen the colours etc. The presentation will be sent to you for feedback.

Card 5115 2018-12-13.jpeg
Van 0958-1 2018-12-07.jpeg

Step 7 - refinement

I'll ask you to chose your favourite and encourage you to provide feedback or any changes.

Step 8 - Final Artwork

Once the refinements are done and you are 100% happy with your new logo. I will finalise the logo files and get stated on the rest of your branding. You can start showing off your new logo design!

To discover what I can do for your business book in a FREE 20 minute consultation today or if you want to take things a little slower - fill in the form!

*Disclaimer: I'm a great graphic designer, not a copywriter - spelling and grammar is not my thing. See this post for what it is...An extremely passionate graphic designer, that wants to share her knowledge with you (possibly with a couple of spelling mistakes)!