I’m not really a fan of face-to-face networking, I find myself saying the wrong thing and ending up feeling silly and unprofessional. I guess that’s because I’m one of these "wear your heart on your sleeve" kinds of people. My business coach says it’s ok for me to come across as a bit of a loony, people expect if from a creative!!


I am however a fan of networking online, especially Facebook. Facebook has been not only great for my business but also great for me socially. I’m an active member of a few online Facebook groups of fellow graphic designers, and I can whole-heartedly say I have found some great friends. Working for myself in a home based studio can get a little lonely especially when I only have the cat to bounce ideas off, and he doesn’t really say much.


I have only recently been trying to get into LinkedIn. To me it feels a little like Facebook, but for grown-ups!! I have to be on my best behavior and try not to sound like a loony.


Occasionally I get to do “within client networking”, I have a few clients that I have bought together that I thought would be of mutual benefit for both. For example my very lovely client Rachel (whom I have been working with for about 4 years now) moved from Canberra to Tasmania, to open up a café and gift shop in beautiful Mt Field National Park. And another of my very lovely clients – Helen from Pilli Pala hand makes jewelry and homeware – made from Tasmanian oak that I thought would be perfect for the gift shop at Rachel’s Café, they are now working on an exclusive range together.


So anyway, if you ever meet me at a networking event, please be gentle with me, I’m not a loony, I’m…. an artist!!! 

use a professional...


Can you afford not to use a qualified graphic designer??
I will give you an example… what's more important to you... how many flyers you hand out? or how many sales you make? You could send out 10,000 flyers that look cheap and unprofessional and get NO orders!!… OR you could send out 1000 flyers, designed by a professional graphic designer, that look fab and get you 10 or more orders (and/or leads) See the difference?? Its all about image and good design that is pleasing to the eye and conveys a message quickly and efficiently! 
Can your business afford not to use a qualified graphic designer?

I'm a fully trained graphic designer, completed an Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design in 2002 from Adelaide's DMIT. I have over 10 years industry experience, including work with some large national companies as their in-house graphic designer... so basically, Ive done my time and know my stuff! :)


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Business cards?

Theses are my business cards

Theses are my business cards

Business cards?? Whats the first thing that comes to mind? Card with some text on it?? Business cards could be so much more?? I have clients that uses there business cards as swing tags,  loyalty cards or even appointment cards. And they don’t always have to be standard rectangle, they could be sexy round cornered, slimline cards, square or even round, like mine!. These are so many options these days… what about clear plastic business cards? That’s always an option. Business cards don’t necessarily have to be for business either; they could be mummy cards, for catching up on play dates. Or Blogging cards so people can remember the name of your blog… 

getting to know me

Me and my little Roo.

Me and my little Roo.

things you may not know about me…

I saw someone do this a few months ago… (Im so sorry not to credit but I can't for the life of me remember who). But I thought this would be fun, I remember reading the other persons blog and really enjoyed it, so I thought I would do the same. I hope you enjoy getting a little snap shot of me and my life.

  1. I LOVE beautiful teapots and tea… especially French earl gray. 
  2. I have lived in 3 different countries and 4 different states/ territories in Australia.
  3. My pet hate is cutlery that does’nt match… grrrr…cant stand it!!
  4. I love being a mum to my 3 beauitful children, and that I have the opertunity to run my business around them from my home studio.
  5. I have always know that I would be a graphic designer… since I was in year 3…
  6. I can’t spell to save my life! (lucky Im married to an editor!!)
  7. My best and oldest friends call me Donz… and sometimes even Donza.
  8. I may or may not of met my husband when we were 7, when we both emigrated to Australia with our families. (same day, same plane even!!)
  9. I love a good conspiracy theory… especially to do with the American Govenment and aliens!
  10. I HATE HATE HATE coriander!!