The Life Architect branding

I was commissioned to create a logo and branding for Emma - The Life Architect. The logo mark is a combination of the letters L and A, it a bold symbol and the round corners give the logo a soft feel which is reflective of Emma colours are strong and friendly and appealing to the target market.

What Emma had to say:

OMG Where do I even start.... okay...
I had tried a DIY branding and it never felt completely 'me' I kept flipping and changing fonts, colours, logos. I was all over the place.
Then I sat down with Donna, she was so good. I felt like she just 'got me' and what I was about... what an understatement...
When Donna presented me with my branding, I was in love! I then questioned her to WHY she had done my logo the way she did it... her answer was spot on, she encapsulated everything I am about in a logo. 
From the straight lines (straight talking) to the curves on the ends (my softer nurturing side) and the way the logo is very balanced (one of my keywords)!
If you are sitting on the fence to whether you need Branding/rebranding, get in contact with Donna ... seriously the best thing I have done... 
I am constantly getting amazing comments on my logo and branding... Thank you Donna you are amazing xo

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Flyer 5125 2018-12-13.jpeg
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