frequently asked questions


WHy would i need a graphic designer?

I guess the same reason you need a hairdresser to cut your hair. Sure, you could do it yourself, but is it really going to look any good? As a trained graphic designer I take all the hard work and the stress out of designing. I take the time to listen to you and find out exactly what you want to achieve with your design and work out the best solution for you business. 

Who will be designing my logo?

Me!! Always me!I I never outsource to overseas companies . All the logos that I design are all my own work and rest assured that I will be the person that you will deal with throughout the design process.


Once the 50% deposit has been paid, I would usually start the process quite quickly depending on my current commitments. Firstly I will supply you with a logo questionnaire, that asks you lots of questions that are relevent to the design process. When I get that back from you, I can start the fun bit, research, lots of sketches and then onto the computer. You will normally see concepts within a week after I start. 


I am happy to have a Skype meeting once a client has engaged my services if we both deem it necessary. Thanks to the internet its very rare that I will need to meet a client in person. I am also more than happy for a phone chat, I like to book these in at a mutually convenient time, (just in case I'm in a car full of kids on the way to swimming lessons!)

Who owns the design

Once I have completed the design process, and you have paid in full for your final logo design, Its all yours. I do, however, reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes (my portfolio etc) I also strongly recommend consulting an Intellectual Property Lawyer about protecting your brand. I can put you in touch with the right people.

What file types will I receive?

I will supply you with a JPG, a transparent PNG, a scalable (vector) PDF and an EPS of your logo in both black and white and full colour. 

WHAT software do you use?

I use the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud and I use Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) for logo designs.

Do you design websites?

Webdesign is a very specialised area. In short, no and I prefer not to. I can however design the front end of your website. ie: how it looks, but I dont do the development side of things. You are more than welcome to have your own web developer or I can recommend some great people.

DO YOU write copy?

No, no never ever! Im really good at design, and really not good at words. But again, over the years I have worked with some amazing copyrighters I can recommend some awesome people.


Direct Deposit or pay your bill online using Credit Card. 

Can you help with printing?

Absolutely! Over the years I have worked with many different printers for many different things. I usually use trade printers that dont deal with the general public, so I tend to get very competitive pricing.